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First post - Game music and stuff

2013-03-02 04:05:27 by Mawnz

I thought I'd make a post since I guess that is what people do sometimes :)

I'm currently working on making the music for a 2D RPG in progress since December 2012. It's a great chance for me to hone my skills and widen my reportoire :D
A link to the songs in progress: -crown-wip
I mainly focus on having many songs to choose from at the moment so the quality will rise when I know which ones will be in the game.

Apart from that... I'm trying to learn how to use FL studio a little from time to time now, but I use Reason 5 the most. Been using it for more than a year now so if anyone with a lot of experience with Reason would like to give me tips I would be more than happy :)




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2013-04-03 18:01:10

I really dig your writing style. Best of luck with your soundtrack.

Mawnz responds:

Thank you Ben I'll do my very best! :D