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Birthday and song

2014-07-17 17:01:17 by Mawnz

So today was my birthday, and I managed to finish a song I started on two days ago before it was over, yay.

I also got a USB MIDI keyboard that I want to try to make some use of in the future.


This is the song I made:


Bye bye. 

An album thingy

2014-05-19 07:23:29 by Mawnz

Aight so I tried to get an album on spotify using routenote, and it went much faster than expected so it's up now :D

I just took some songs I've made the last year and made an album of it for fun ^^

So if you have spotify you can listen to it if you want.

Have a nice day :)

Happy new year!

2013-12-31 10:27:45 by Mawnz

It's 2014 soon, and to finish up 2013 I uploaded two new/old songs/loops to NG. They were made for a game that didn't catch on so they are not used for anything. I then figured I'd upload them here for fun.

Not good at doing recaps, but 2013 was a fun year. I've met new people here and outside of NG and learned a lot of new things when it comes to make music. I even got to start making music for some "indie-games" as well as having my music included in a couple of small games. That makes me happy :D

I participated in a chiptune contest in which I technically came fifth:

I did my first collaboration:

I also put my composing to the test when competing in Newgrounds Audio DeathMatch 2013. I got to the first round after the auditions, but didn't really perform there so I was eliminated, but nevertheless it was fun!


Round 1:

Lastly I joined NGASS, Newgrounds Secret Santa, and there I got to make a song for another person participating... Exciting!


Happy new year to all and have a great 2014! I hope I can learn more and improve my skills!

Collab with Geniebmusic!

2013-05-13 14:33:18 by Mawnz

So I did a collab with Geniebmusic ( ).
The very first here on Newgrounds, and it was fun :D

Hope you like it!


First post - Game music and stuff

2013-03-02 04:05:27 by Mawnz

I thought I'd make a post since I guess that is what people do sometimes :)

I'm currently working on making the music for a 2D RPG in progress since December 2012. It's a great chance for me to hone my skills and widen my reportoire :D
A link to the songs in progress: -crown-wip
I mainly focus on having many songs to choose from at the moment so the quality will rise when I know which ones will be in the game.

Apart from that... I'm trying to learn how to use FL studio a little from time to time now, but I use Reason 5 the most. Been using it for more than a year now so if anyone with a lot of experience with Reason would like to give me tips I would be more than happy :)